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Audio Visual Solutions

Elevate Communication And Collaboration In Your Organization

What Fusion Can Offer You

Video Conferencing & Collaboration Spaces

Working effectively and efficiently in the 21st century is all about connecting people — no matter where they’re located. Our audio visual solutions enable you to transcend the traditional office, connect with remote colleagues, and engage with them in real time.


It’s a bring-your-own-device world. Don’t waste the time — and space — trying to keep spare cords and connectors around for every mobile device known to mankind. Our wireless BYOD presentation solutions will enable you to optimize for every device and software platform — without lifting a finger.

Command Centers

Engineered for industries where the continuous monitoring of critical data or security systems is essential, such as police and fire, utility and telecommunication, government, and business. Present data on one screen or on a multi-screen array and view data and events simultaneously from multiple points throughout the system.

Digital Signage

These days, attention comes at a premium. When you need to grab attention and communicate effectively, digital signage is the way to go. Whether it’s dynamic point-of-purchase content, command center monitoring, or solutions for the retail and hospitality industries, we’ll create a custom end-to-end solution that’ll meet your needs and exceed your expectations — without breaking the bank.

Because You Deserve the Full-Service Treatment.

Fusion Digital will manage your project from start to finish and continue to support your endeavors long thereafter. Fusion Digital offers consultation, custom design, programming, installation and integration with existing systems, user training, and ongoing support.

Whether your audio visual system is used for presentations, collaboration or conferencing, we’ll incorporate the latest sound, video, lighting, display, and projection technology into your project. You’ll even be able to flex your creative muscle with interactive, touch screen flat-panel displays and prominent, high-definition video walls.

Creating a dynamic space doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ll tailor our solution for your business needs — and your budget.

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